OEM Ability
OEM service

Our target, maximizing the customer value

1, Leather material purchase

We build leather stock in our warehouse from all over the world, and test all leather tear strength. After the leather can pass our test, we will get good contact with these leather suppliers. Now our designer can easily choose materials for our customer.

2, Update monthly
We has special team for sourcing and developing new design. We have multi sourcing channels to get safety shoes design, no matter it’s from Canton fair, A+A fair, US fair etc. We have hundreds of cross-shareholding, entrusted operated or contracted supply vendors who provide their new novelty design to us every week.

3, Quick response
We has a quick response system for client’s specific safety shoes sourcing and development request . Most of the safety shoes design can be worked out successfully in 48 hours and if it’s totally new in China. We have the experience and professional ability to develop the new design ourselves, no matter it needs a special material, special machine, special process or combination.

4, Good communication
Staffs of our sourcing team are well educated. They not only have the ability to source and develop safety shoes design, but also have the ability to communicate with client’s design team very well. Their written and oral English is good. They have good understanding of PPE industry. That’s why they can have a better understanding of designers’ idea and keep at the same page.

5, Free of charge limitedly
Our service is always free to our accounts. For new safety shoes development, if you pass our financial risk evaluation and become our filed account, we will set a free of charge quota for your fabric development cost and quota will grow with your orders.

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